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Economic Impact of Marbella 4 Day Walk

13th October 2022

Economic Impact of Marbella 4 Day Walk
This years annual Marbella 4 day walking event began on Thursday, October 6, and ran until Sunday, October 9, and covered four routes through areas of the municipality which brought together 2,500 people from more than fifteen countries.

The mayor of Marbella has confirmed that: “This is an important mass event for the town since most of the participants and their companions stay in the municipality for an average of seven days.” This years event has had an economic impact on the city of €3M.

“The routes of 10, 20 and 30 kilometres continue to make Marbella known as an enclave where nature has a lot to do.”

The mayor also highlighted “the great effort” made by the City Council and the representatives of the organisation, Arabella Wessels and Maria Kupers, as well as the huge team of volunteers who are dedicated to the organisation. In total, about 70 people gave their time to the participants so that everything was a success.

In addition, the mayor emphasised the fact that one of this year’s novelties was a mobile application that included an emergency button. The button could be activated in an emergency allowing the walker to be located immediately.

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